How To Put Out A Small House Fire

Fire is an emergency you shouldn’t neglect that easily. Only in rare situations, you will be able to put out a fire, and you should know that home fires are serious business. We know that many people are emotional towards their belongings, but in this case, you are facing a life and death situation, and nothing is more important than your life. But, a small intervention of your side can represent a difference between a light flame and costly damage. Keep in mind that if you notice a big fire, get out of the house and call firefighters.

Buy a fire extinguisher

Fire-extinguisherThis is a must-have item in every household and a great way to stop the fire before things get out of control. On the other hand, before you face a potential fire, you need to read the instructions and know how to use a fire extinguisher. Most extinguishers that are retailed in stores and are okay to use in home conditions. But, it’s essential to read the directions and understand the proper use, before you face a fire. It can save your life and life or your family members. On the other hand, keep in mind that you shouldn’t deal with a fire that is life-threatening. For this, it’s better to call a fire department.

How to put out different house fires

Small electrical fires – in this case, never use water because you will only make things worse. Stay calm and turn off the power and cover the affected area with a clean nonflammable blanket, you can also use a fire extinguisher.

Cooking fires – this is not a rare case for fires to happen during the cooking. So, if grease starts a fire in your kitchen, again, never try to use water. Turn the heat off and cover the pan with a lid. If some of the kitchen appliances got caught on fire, use a fire extinguisher.

Gas fires – if your house runs on gas, then you should know how to prevent or put out a fire. When such thing happens, cut out a gas supply and cover the affected area with a thick rug.